Quality Kindergarten Taree

Live & Learn Academy Provides Quality Kindergarten in Taree

Live & Learn Academy loves the part we play in helping to nourish a lifetime love of learning in our students through pre-K and quality kindergarten in Taree. Children under five learn as they explore the world around them, and our unique programme will create a fun and nourishing environment to take advantage of that and get them ready for their future, no matter where it will take them.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding High Quality Early Childhood Education in Taree

From the moment a baby is born, they are learning about the world and their place in it. Their brains are sponges for knowledge at such an early age, learning language and interacting with their environment to make sense of it all, even when they can’t express such thoughts. As their brains develop, they are not as receptive to learning so much so quickly. Taking advantage of their abilities at such a young age can make all the difference in moulding them into their best selves. Avoid these common mistakes when considering early childhood education:

* The most common mistake is letting your child miss out on learning at such a young age. Pre-k programmes can get them primed and ready to begin their formal education and start them off already loving learning. * Don’t skip out on the fun. While young children have brains that soak up knowledge, you have to remember they are still kids. Our curriculum keeps their interest with a balance of fun and learning. * Education includes more than book learning, especially at such a young age. We work to encourage the development of our students as a whole.

Benefits of High-Quality Preschool in Taree From Live & Learn Academy

Our commitment as educators and caregivers is to ensure the children in our care develop in every aspect of their lives to best prepare them for the future. Here are a few benefits of our unique program:

* We have found that using a child’s interests, and we can create a journey for them to ensure their development and learning. Working with parents, the people who understand their children the most help us to create this journey. * An abundance of quality resources is at our educators’ disposal to help engage the children in our care. Working with technology is an essential part of preparing them for the future. * Nourishing their bodies can be just as important as feeding their minds. Our chef tailors a seasonal four-week rotating menu to ensure all the children in our care receive all their nutritional requirements.

Why Parents Should Use Live & Learn Academy’s High-Quality Early Childhood Education Centre in Taree

Parents trust us with their child’s early education and care because of our stellar track record and the unique programme we create to stimulate the young minds in our care, to become lifelong lovers of learning. Early childhood education is vital to your child’s development, and with our decades of experience, we know the best way to make learning fun and engaging in a safe and nourishing environment. To book a tour or to learn more about our high-quality early childhood education and care in taree, contact us today.