Quality Early Childhood Education

We provide Quality Early Childhood Education and Development for Kids

Of course, you want your baby or toddler to start quality early childhood education at the right place and in the right way, as 80% of learning happens in their first five years. Our goal is to ensure that we equip your child well for the future through our holistic approach and the programmes and activities we offer.

Tips for High-Quality Early Childhood Education

When you get to the point where you must decide in which centre to enrol your child, balance is key. You have a second home in mind where your baby or toddler is loved, cared for, and taught skills that they will need for the rest of their life while having fun.

  • We offer a variety of activities in a safe and nurturing environment – extracurricular activities such as Little Master Chefs, yoga, the Languages Masterclass and the Future Leaders Pre-kindy Programme, as well as basic stretching in class. There is something for every little body.
  • Our chef engages with the kids about good and bad food, and you can ask for recipes to go and try at home. In our restaurant, the kids can interact with each other and experience the value of an intimate sit-down meal. Kids enjoy breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a snack with their friends and us.
  • Care is something personal and necessary to make every child feel that they belong. We screen our top-class teachers with 25 years’ experience before becoming part of our team and see the value and potential in every soul.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Quality Early Childhood Education Programmes

To provide high-quality education and care for your little one, we can’t do this alone.

  • We need the support of our parents – the educators and parents collaborate right from the start.
  • Our unique curriculum, which has not been offered by any other centre, makes provision for six-week- to six-year-olds – designed to learn new skills through exciting topics every day, ultimately achieving school-readiness. We use iPads as an added resource, which the kids are very familiar with and just love. We understand that every child is also unique and allow them to achieve their milestones at their own pace. Many of our graduates have achieved exceptionally high results in school.
  • Three centres to choose from (for now) – we are planning 50 more centres in the next few years. Your options are Chester Hill, Merrylands and Taree.

Why Customers Should Use Live & Learn Academy

We look at every aspect of a child’s development, not only education and not only physical activities. Activities that enhance brain development are high on our priority list. Just like you, we see your precious little sprouts shooting up before our eyes, and we love to share their successes and achievements. When your child leaves us, they will be ready for the challenges of ‘big school’ and beyond. Book a tour, see your child prosper.