Pre-Kindergarten School

Live & Learn Academy Operates a Pre-Kindergarten School

Live & Learn Academy offers a nurturing and engaging environment for youngsters in our pre-kindergarten school. Eighty percent of a child’s learning takes place within their first five years of life when their minds are a sponge for new knowledge. With our unique curriculum, offered nowhere else, they will have fun with our effective methods and ready themselves for the next important step in their education with both our preschool and kindergarten programmes.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Pre-K Programmes

A good pre-k programme can help to get your child ready for school and give them a leg up on early learning. Here are a few of the most common mistakes parents make regarding these programmes:

  • Not taking advantage of pre-k learning opportunities for your child can leave them behind when school starts. Don’t let them begin such an essential aspect of their childhood without being prepared.
  • Some preschools teach with inflexible methods that might be well suited for some students, but not others. We work with parents to find the best ways to reach their children and instil a life-long love of learning.
  • Look for experience and longevity. How successful have the past students been? With our decades of experience, you can count on us.

Benefits of Preschool and Kindergarten at Live & Learn Academy

Given how much and how well children under five years of age learn, stimulating pre-k programmes can be one of the best ways to prepare them for whatever the future holds for them, in school, and well beyond. We love nothing more than seeing our graduates succeed, using the skills they learned in our preschool and kindergarten. Some of the many benefits of our programmes include:

  • An abundance of quality resources, allowing children to engage in the activities they enjoy while using these to provide learning opportunities. The resources we provide will give your child every chance to be better prepared for their future.
  • As parents, you understand your children better than anyone, and we love to collaborate with you to tailor our education to your children. Our goal is to instil a lifelong learning approach in our preschool students to get them ready for kindergarten and well beyond.
  • Our extracurricular activities offer your youngsters a chance to unlock their full potential in a fun-filled manner. The Live and Learn Little Master Chefs programme can teach them kitchen basics, creating fun and tasty dishes. The Language Master Class will introduce them to other languages when their brains are at their most eager to learn.

Why Trust Live & Learn Academy Regarding Pre-K Programmes

With over 25 years of experience in child care and early education, we have a deep understanding of the best methods to reach young children and stimulate their love of learning. Our goal is to ensure every child evolved in to their ultimate and best self. Our unique approach is ever adapting in collaboration with parents, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework. If you are interested in learning more about our pre-k programmes, or any of our other services, contact us today to book a tour.