Merrylands - St Paul & St Anthony Child Care Centre

1800 5 LEARN 

23 Crossland St, Merrylands NSW 2160

Ages: 6 weeks to 6 years


Our centre is open Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm. We are open 52 weeks of the year except for public holidays. 

St Paul & St Anthony Child Care Centre in Merrylands which falls under our branch has been operating since 1996. Having graduated over 450 children since then, many of which have been achieving extremely high results in school. We are big believers in the right approach to education. We have even had children skip Kindergarten and go straight in to year 1 after leaving us.

We have developed strong relationships with the community and families and always strive to be the best. We believe there is no compromise to providing high quality education and care. Offering a very unique curriculum mix with a unique delivery method as well as being formed on the basis of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and a effective and strong pre- kindy program; we ensure the children are provided with every opportunity to prosper. We also offer many different types of incursions; every aspect of the centre and it’s operations form   the journey for your child’s success.

In order for the journey to be of a high quality, fun, educational and inspiring one; we understand that the medium of translating their experiences in to teachable moments is essential. It is for this reason we ensure that the Educators we employ are up to our standards and we only employ the best. To ensure this, our candidates undergo a rigorous screening process. Our centre is very safe and secure and provides a warm and nurturing environment.

Centre Manager Details: Matthew

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Holistic Approach Program

Being Committed to ensuring the children develop in every aspect of their lives and preparing them for the future is our aim. Whilst Education is important, it is equally as important to provide the children with the life long skills they will need in the future. It is therefore essential to not just focus on the educational aspect; but also encourage your child’s development as a whole. It is our Educators role to identify teachable experiences through out every experience your child is engaged in.

By providing an abundance of quality resources; children are able to engage in the activity they enjoy and that is then translated in to a learning opportunity moulded into a lifelong skill with the educational aspect. Through the use of our many quality resources including iPads; children are provided every opportunity to be prepared for the future. By using the Five key areas of development as our basis for our curriculum, it ensures each child to accomplish each developmental milestone.

Understanding that just from one topic of interest or activity your child is interested in; our educators are able to create a journey for your child which ensures their development in every aspect. Your expertise as a parent is also very valuable to us; as by working together a lifelong learning approach can be formed. This ultimately leads to the children being ready for our school readiness program.

Find Out more about our Curriculum  by visiting the Curriculum page.


Our Facilities

Air Condition Ensuring Children are comfortable at all times through out the year
Children's Restaurant Essential for social building skills as well as learning routine and healthy habits (munch & move program)
Indoor Play Areas Designed to encourage children to become involved learners
Outdoor Play Areas Many activities targeting different skills
Arts & Crafts Room To Inspire Creativity
Live & Learn Yoga

- Helps develop balance, strength and body awareness

- Increases children's concentration, focus and attention

- Encourages children to learn compassion and co-operation

- Encourages children to respect others and the environment

- Children learn about basic anatomy and physiology


Live & Learn Little Master Chefs

The children will be making bread, pizzas and much more. They will be able to cook their food and then eat it.

Live & Learn Future Leaders Pre Kindy Program Specialised Program dedicated to ensure your child's success in life beyond Early Learning, as well as excel in Kindergarten


At St Paul & St Anthony Child Care Centre we understand the value and importance of orientation. It is at this time that we gain valuable information about your family and your child.

Once you have been offered a position, you will be provided with an enrolment form which you can complete either at home or within our service and we will also take the Administration Fee (non - refundable). You will also be provided with a handbook which we will go through together and answer any questions you may have.

After this process is complete you will be booked in for an orientation visit; or multiple visits if required.

We understand that every child will settle in at their own time - some longer than others, and some children may even be a little upset especially walking in to a new environment. We also understand it may also be hard as a parent to let go; so we encourage more than one orientation visit if required; as many as need be until you and your child feel a sense of comfort and belonging within the centre.

You are encouraged to bring your child in and stay with them on your orientation visit. At this time you will be introduced to the educators, informed of what items you will need to provide, routines, how to sign in and out as well as sleep times and toilet training routines. Educators will encourage you and your child to join in on the different activities.

We always recommend that for the first week, your child attend a half day rather than full day as the children usually get upset that they are not with their parents.

You are more than welcome to check in on your child by either coming in, calling the centre, or through our other various forms of communication.

Nutritional Menu

St Paul & St Anthony Child Care Centre has developed a seasonal four week rotating menu which ensures children receive all their nutritional requirements. The menu is also promoted with the encouragement of physical exercise activities which are completed throughout the day, for example stretches in the morning. This is to ensure the wellness and wellbeing of your child; as healthy diet on it’s own whilst is important, still needs to be combined with physical activities.

All cultural and religious beliefs are catered for, as well as alternate foods for children with allergies. Children are provided with 5 meals a day; Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and a snack.

Our chef also holds discussions with the children on “good” and “bad” food, their difference and the importance of eating healthy. Our restaurant is designed for children to eat and communicate with each other. Recipes are also available to you to take home.


You will be informed about our centre fees throughout our orientation process. You will be informed on our daily fees, what’s included and payment method.

A non refundable Administration fee will be payable. This will go towards setting up your child’s online portals for our digital sign in as well as their account for Kindyhub. This will also secure your child’s position in the centre as places are limited and do fill up quickly.

Contact Us -  (02) 9681 6124

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