Holistic Approach to Childcare

A Holistic Approach to Childcare is Important For Future Success

The development years of a child’s life are by far the most important, and a holistic approach to childcare plays a significant role in it. The child grows up as a well-rounded individual and by the time they’re an adult, is a productive member of society.

What Sets Live & Learn Academy Apart Regarding Holistic Child Development

Selecting a school is a difficult task for parents, so it helps that Live & Learn Academy stands out from the rest.

  • The school only believes in the highest quality of education and care. Our teachers are well-trained and fully equipped to provide a warm and friendly learning environment. While at school, you can rest assured that your child will be receiving the best in childcare.
  • The curriculum is unique to the school and isn’t commonly accessible. Apart from education, we will also teach your child skills that they can use in real-life situations. Interacting with new technologies like iPads will hold them in good stead for a digital future.
  • There are extra-curricular activities, some of which helps with the social development of a child. These include Arts and Crafts, Yoga and Little Master Chefs and are designed to aid the child with interaction.

Related Services We Provide for a Holistic Approach to Child Development

The Live & Learn Academy has been in existence for more than 30 years. Our staff has a wealth of experience in child development and the services provided will only benefit your child.

  • The school offers a full orientation program to help settle your child into school life. Once accepted, you receive a handbook which explains everything you need to know regarding your child at our school. Parents are encouraged to stay at school for the initial days to help the child get comfortable.
  • Nutrition is another spoke in the wheel of the benefits available at the school. We provide five meals throughout the day along with regular talks from the resident chefs about the importance of nutrition. We cater to all cultural and religious beliefs, and parents can take home a recipe book to help prepare balanced meals at home.
  • Airconditioned rooms throughout the year. Australian summers are extreme, which results in an uncomfortable environment that isn’t conducive to learning. Airconditioning helps generate a space that is ideal for learning.

What You Stand to Gain by Using Live & Learn Academy

Parents always want what’s best for their children. Sometimes those are provided in physical gifts but rarely in a gift that is ultimately priceless. Using Live & Learn Academy would mean you are buying your child the gift of holistic childcare, not just an education. Our gift to you is when they get older and become successful adults who are grateful for their solid foundation.

Invest in your children’s future by providing them with a strong base in their formative years. After all, 80% of what your child learns is in their first five years. Get them prepared well for school and for life by contacting Live & Learn Academy.