Early Childhood Education

At Live & Learn Academy we Provide the Finest Early Childhood Education

It is natural for parents to want only the best in early childhood education for their children. Often, people believe that it’s out of their reach. Do you feel the need to provide a higher quality of care for your kids? Why not see what we can do for you?

The Benefits of Exceptional Early Childhood Education and Care

In this fast-moving digital age, children are exposed to a vast scale of learning possibilities and options. But what are some of the things that truly make a Live & Learn Academy educational experience so immersive and unique?

For one, Live & Learn early childhood education centre is a sanctuary for children where holistic development takes place with the unique help of various programs in an environment where we provide an abundance of quality resources. What else can you, as a parent, expect from Live & Learn Academy?

  • That we guide your children through learning opportunities that shape lifelong skills in our digital age, we provide children with every opportunity to be prepared for their futures.
  • By implementing the most effective FIVE areas of development as the basis of the academy’s curriculum, we ensure that every child has the platform to accomplish their personal developmental milestones.
  • With Live & Learn Academy’s early childhood education programs, the growth and development of a child in a secure environment take centre stage – we design all learning opportunities and demonstrate them in a fun and effective way to ensure that your child is continually evolving.

The Importance of Early Childhood Development:

Early childhood development plays a vital role in the development of skills and abilities that children need for their future of learning and grasping ideas.

Just how important is it to make sure that 80% or your child’s learning takes place within the first five years of the lives?

  • Children who attend Live & Learn Academy become sociable at younger age and better aware of manners at a young age. We foster responsibility and discipline at a tender age, which is vital for their future success.
  • As children are exposed to their peers, they learn how to cooperate with other children. The kids who are enrolled at Live & Learn Academy develop teamwork skills, and they cope better in social settings.
  • As children get used to learning from an early age, they become more open to learning more. Their eagerness to gain competences and learn about the world around them becomes more significant than before. Early childhood training enables them to be successful in their later studies.

About Live & Learn Academy:

After opening their doors for the first time 30 years ago, we have taken delicate steps in ensuring quality education and care. Since our inception, we have opened three centres: Merrylands - St Paul & St Anthony Child Care Centre, Live & Learn Academy, Taree, and Chester Hill - Little Angels Child Care Centre

Understanding that just from one topic of interest or activity your child is interested in, all our educators can create a journey for your child, which ensures their development in every aspect. Submit your online enquiry today or feel free to pop in at any of our three centres for a chat about enrolling with Live & Learn Academy!

Choose Live & Learn Academy as your child’s first step in early education.