At Live & Learn Academy, we have developed a unique program which focuses on holistic child development; which includes all things education as well as the skills they require to progress in real life situations.

By collaborating with parents, our curriculum allows us to continuously evolve and adapt to your child and their specific learning needs. Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Framework (NQF); our unique curriculum will see children develop in all aspects.

By providing an abundance of quality resources; children are able to engage in the activity they enjoy and that is then translated in to a learning opportunity moulded into a lifelong skill with the educational aspect. Through the use of our many quality resources including iPads; children are provided every opportunity to be prepared for the future. By using the Five key areas of development as our basis for our curriculum, it ensures each child to accomplish each developmental milestone.

Understanding that just from one topic of interest or activity your child is interested in; our educators are able to create a journey for your child which ensures their development in every aspect. Your expertise as a parent is also very valuable to us; as by working together a lifelong learning approach can be formed. This ultimately leads to the children being ready for our school readiness program.