Affordable Kindergarten Near You


Affordable Kindergarten Near You

Affordable Kindergarten puts quality education firmly in your child’s grasp. The formative years are critical in developing their thinking abilities and sets them off for an ever-expanding love of learning. read more


Early Childhood Education Centre Now in Taree

Finding an early childhood education centre in Taree used to be a challenge, and finding a reliable, high quality kindergarten for your child to attend has always been important, what's even more important is finding one close to where you live and work, but what to do when a good quality institution is out of the way? read more


At Live & Learn Academy we Provide the Finest Early Childhood Education

It is natural for parents to want only the best in early childhood education for their children. Often, people believe that it’s out of their reach. Do you feel the need to provide a higher quality of care for your kids? Why not see what we can do for you? read more


The Roots of Success Begins at a High-Quality Preschool

It’s no secret that a solid foundation, such as attending a high-quality preschool, goes a long way in setting up a child’s future. In fact, the majority of a child’s development occurs within the first five years. read more


A Holistic Approach to Childcare is Important For Future Success

The development years of a child’s life are by far the most important, and a holistic approach to childcare plays a significant role in it. The child grows up as a well-rounded individual and by the time they’re an adult, is a productive member of society. read more


Quality Kindergarten in NSW

At Live & Learn Academy, our ethos is simple: to provide the finest childcare and early childhood education – at an affordable price. To expand our reach within Australia, Live & Learn Academy aims to establish kindergartens in fifty locations over the next couple of years. read more


Live & Learn Academy Operates a Pre-Kindergarten School

Live & Learn Academy offers a nurturing and engaging environment for youngsters in our pre-kindergarten school. Eighty percent of a child’s learning takes place within their first five years of life when their minds are a sponge for new knowledge. read more


Quality Preschool Education and Care for Your Most Precious Asset

Since 80% of your child’s learning will happen while they’re with us, we make affordable, high-quality preschool education and care child’s play. read more


We provide Quality Early Childhood Education and Development for Kids

Of course, you want your baby or toddler to start quality early childhood education at the right place and in the right way, as 80% of learning happens in their first five years. read more


Live & Learn Academy Provides Quality Kindergarten in Taree

Live & Learn Academy loves the part we play in helping to nourish a lifetime love of learning in our students through pre-K and quality kindergarten in Taree. read more